Self Drive Safari

Namibia safaris are a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to tour independently in Africa. It has everything for a perfect self-drive safari, from good roads to spectacular wildlife and landscapes.

Namibia has embraced tourism and has done a huge amount to make itself home to the perfect self drive adventure. The country has a fantastic road network in place, a stunning collection of lodges and campsites, and is a very safe place to travel. The people here are very friendly too. So whether it’s your first time self driving and you’re nervous, Namibia will welcome you warmly, or whether you’re an adventurer wanting to go into the unknown, Namibia will deliver.

Hidden Horizons will carefully plan your itinerary to avoid covering huge distances which are very tiring on a self drive Safari, we always make sure that we create very manageable itineraries, allowing plenty of time for rest and relaxation in each place before your exciting journey continues.

Self-drive Safaris allow you soak up the landscape and give you a sense of place when you arrive at your next destination. Hidden Horizons offer a full range of car hire services for care-free self-drive holidays. From comfortable sedans to fully equipped off-road 4×4 vehicles complete with camping equipment and GPS navigation systems for the ultimate African self-drive adventure – we’ve got you covered.



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