Zanzibar’s ‘Other’ Islands

The Zanzibar archipelago is made up of two main islands, Zanzibar (known locally as Unjuja) and Pemba, with several smaller islands and islets. Some of which are uninhabited and some, such as Mnemba and Chapwani, that are privately owned and provide a tropical island paradise for its lucky visitors.

Popular islands for day-trippers include Changuu, also know as Prison Island, originally used to detain disobedient slaves, a jail was later built by the British but was never used for its purpose. And Chumbe Island Coral Park, a private nature reserve developed for the conservation of its pristine coral reef, forest reserve and rare wildlife.

The island of Pemba is around 50km north of Zanzibar, also known as ‘The Green Island’ due to its lush and hilly interior. The island is not as developed and sees far fewer visitors than its bigger sister Zanzibar, although its beaches and marine life are just as good.

ACCOMMODATION NEAR Zanzibar’s ‘Other’ Islands

&Beyond Mnemba Island

Inhabited only by guests and hotel staff, Mnemba is  just 1.5 km in circumference, a private island situated off the north-eastern tip of Zanzibar. The island is surrounded by an atoll of coral reefs and calm blue seas, making an idyllic spot to snorkel, scuba dive, swim, kayak and windsurf. There are ten private beach […]



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