Selous Game Reserve


The Selous Game Reserve is located south of Dar es Salaam, it covers an area of approximately 54,600 square kilometres making it one of the largest game reserves in Africa.


The reserve is host to over 350 species of birds and reptiles, a wide variety of plant types and vast numbers of game including elephants, rhinos, hippos, wildebeest, sable antelope, eland, greater kudu, waterbuck, hartebeest, reedbuck, giraffe, zebras, warthog, spotted hyena, lion, leopard, hunting dog, in addition to the largest populations of buffalo in Africa.


Wildlife numbers are higher and easier to find during the dry season as the animals gather at water points and the Rufiji River that flows through the reserve attracts large herds of elephants. With little or no rainfall the dry season that runs from June to October is the best time to visit the area. While the wet season from March to May sees many of the lodges closed during this time.


Rufiji River Camp

Rufiji River Camp is situated on a promontory in the river bank within the Selous Game Reserve, best visited between the months of June to February. The camp has 11 individual tents well spaced along the river bank, each with an en-suite bathroom, solar heated water for showering and a private veranda with views of […]

Sand Rivers Camp

Declared a World Heritage Site due to its dramatic landscapes and great diversity of wildlife, the Selous Game Reserve offers visitors a piece of undisturbed wilderness, packed with an abundance of fauna and flora. Overlooking the Rufiji River, the Sand Rivers Camp provides the perfect viewpoint to spectate wildlife in its natural environment. There are […]

Beho Beho Camp

Built in the cooler highlands, Beho Beho was the first camp to be sited in the Selous Game Reserve. Beho Beho consists of eight individual open-fronted bandas, built with stone walls and palm-leaf thatched roofs. Designed with the comforts of home, each banda has large comfy chairs, a Zanzibari day-bed, a writing desk and a […]



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