National Park

Mudumu is a National Park in the Caprivi Region of north-eastern Namibia. The Park was established in 1990. It covers an area of 737 square kilometres (285 sq mi). Botswana borders it to the west and is surrounded by communal area conservancies. The Kwando River forms the western border with Botswana.


The area is an important migration route from Botswana to Angola for large game species such as African elephant. There is no boundary fence, and Mudumu forms a crucial trans-boundary link for wildlife migration between Angola, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. It is in the centre of Africa’s largest conservation area, the Kavango-Zambezi Trans-Frontier Conservation Area


Mudumu has a large African elephant population. Other animals include Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, spotted hyena, cheetah, Cape wild dog, hippopotamus, crocodile, sitatunga, meerkats, red lechwe, sable antelope, eland, giraffe, common impala, Burchell’s zebra, wildebeest and spotted-necked otter. There are no black or white rhinos in this park. Sable antelope, giraffe and eland were re-introduced into the area.


Tiger fish and tilapia are common fish species. 430 bird species have been recorded, including African fish eagle, African skimmer and western-banded snake eagle.



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