National Park

The Khaudum National Park is situated north of Tsumkwe at the border to Botswana. It is the most pristine nature conservation area in Namibia. The park lies in the Kalahari Sandveld and is 3842 sqkm in area. The landscape is characterised by dry forests, mainly Leadwood, Manketti, Seringa, Camelthorn and Wild Teak trees. The park is interveined with a couple of Omiramba, broad sandy riverbeds that only run after heavy rainfalls for a short time.


Big game can be found in the park occasionally, more than 500 African bush elephants, many Angolan giraffes and many antelope, including roan antelope, kudu, lyre antelope, eland and reedbuck. Even the stock of prey animals is high. Besides the smaller cats, there is a larger population of lions, but also leopards, spotted hyenas, jackals, occasionally cheetahs and even Cape wild dogs.


The ideal time for seeing wildlife is from June to October. From November to March more than 320 species of birds inhabit the area, including parrots and more than 50 birds of prey



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