{St Helena}


If Isolation is what you seek!!

If you are looking for a capital city that is in a remote place, then Jamestown is the one. Jamestown was built by the British East India Company in 1659, most of the buildings that were built by the East Indian Company are still standing, Which give Jamestown its charm.

James town is the main port on the island and use to house the British Navy and for a short period, The famous Napoleon Bonaparte. The museum in Jamestown is a must visit, as this house all the old artefacts from the island.


Farm Lodge

Six miles from Jamestown, set on 10 acres of farmland lies Farm Lodge, an East India Company Planters House dating back to 1670. Pristinely maintained, the double story farmhouse with open verandah and Georgian style façade gleams inside with polished wood, beamed ceilings and white washed walls, and a staircase overseen by a life-sized portrait […]

The Consulate

There is no property that captures the history of St Helena better than the Consulate. It is instantly recognizable on the main street of Jamestown, with its double balconies, wrought-iron railings and polished teak floors: the perfect spot to sit with a coffee or a beer and watch the islanders go about their business. Inside, […]



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