National Park

The Dorob National Park includes the area of what was previously known as National West Coast Tourist Recreation Area, a coastal strip from the Kuiseb Delta in the south of Walvis Bay to the Ugab river. The Dorob National Park forms the link between the Skeleton National Park in the north and the Namib Naukluft Park in the south.


This park has a spectacular coastal dune belt, vast gravel plains, Namibia’s richest coastal area for birds, rich botanical diversity, and major ephemeral river systems and their river mouths. The central coast line of 1,600 kilometres (990 mi), which includes the Dorob National Park, is an area of hyper arid desert.


Some 75 species of birds flock to this coast, with nearly 1.6 million birds recorded on the coast. BirdLife International has therefore included the park under the category of Important Bird Area. The Damara tern, (Sternula balaenarum), a species of tern in the family Sternidae, a breeding seabird which is endemic to Namibia is considered a flagship species of the coastal area, and is found in the park, although non-breeding individuals will migrate to the north in winter. Some of the lichen fields are also part of this protected environment.



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