Canal Des Pangalanes

one of the hidden wonders of the world!

Embark on a boat to sail the 400km of watercourses. The Pangalanes offer a total change of scenery – lush vegetation containing a rich biodiversity. Local people and in particular, the epiroguiers will accompany you on your journey to discover all the nooks and crannies of the Panganal Canal.

Along the East Coast of Madagascar south of Tamatave, the Pangalanes Canal is a long succession of rivers and lakes. Separated in places by only a few hundred meters of forest or sandbanks of the Indian Ocean, you will enjoy two worlds that are as charming as each other. On one side you can find lush vegetation, mangroves where fish, lemurs, and other reptilians live, and on the other side you can find the white sandy beach bordering the Indian Ocean.



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